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About Us

What is Faro Bianco?

Faro Bianco offers travel products that have been thoughtfully selected to maximize efficiency and comfort. From packing cubes to power banks and water bottles, the company was borne out of passion for travel. 

Driven to provide travelers with high quality accessories and gadgets, Faro Bianco only sells items that have been personally tested by their three founders, a group of friends who have seen the value of these items during their own adventures. 


Why Faro Bianco?

Lighthouses symbolize guidance and hope in moments of distress. They are built to help ships navigate safely in rough conditions and sailors find land. 

We named our brand Faro Bianco - Italian for White Lighthouse - because it conveys our purpose and the philosophy we believe in. We trust that our experiences and products can help other travelers. We aim to provide our best advice and share all our knowledge along with travel products that we believe in because we have tested them ourselves. We hope we can add value to fellow travelers in their search for new places, new cultures, and new friends. We encourage others to explore the world through places, people and food. 

  • I am not the same, having seen the moon shine on the other side of the world” – Mary Anne Radmacher

We are M.C., A.M. and C.R., co-founders of Faro Bianco. We are happy to help you enhance your next adventure. 

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